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Truman Scholars and Maxwell

President Harry S. Truman

President Harry S. Truman

Just the other day, I traveled to Liberty, MO. I have had the honor to do so, the third week of May since the late 1990’s.  Why, you ask?  Because Liberty, MO is the birthplace of Harry S. Truman, home to William Jewell College, and where 60 of America’s best and brightest budding, public service leaders spend the week each year.

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation “supports the graduate education and professional development of outstanding young people committed to public service leadership. Since its creation in 1975, the Foundation has supported almost 3,000 Truman Scholars who are making a difference in all corners of the nation and around the globe”.  These wonderful young men and woman, who strive for careers that can impact the world for good, all convene upon Liberty. MO for a week in May called Truman Scholars Leadership Week (TSLW). I have been fortunate to represent the Maxwell School and Syracuse University at TSLW since my early days as admissions director for the MPA program.

It really is quite wonderful to meet all these bright, talented young men and woman each year. They represent all of the states within the US as well as several territories. Their interests are as diverse as their backgrounds.  The Maxwell Schools Department of Public Administration and International Affairs, whose mission mirrors that of the Truman Foundation, has been a long-standing partner and supporter of Truman Scholars and their professional development since the very beginning.  Truman Scholars admitted to Maxwell’s MPA and or MA IR degree programs receive a full tuition scholarship.  The Foundation provides funding that is more than adequate to meet the living expenses of scholars who elect to attend Maxwell for their studies. The first Truman Scholar (elected by the foundation in 1977) graduated from Maxwell in 1981.  The most recent will graduate later this summer. In between are countless individuals working to make the world a better place with the skills and insight they gained with their Maxwell graduate education!

We are a proud supporter and partner with the Truman Foundation and look forward to having many more Scholars enter our ranks. Students interested in the support and scholarships provided by the Harry S. Truman Foundation should visit their website, and must apply before their senior year of college.

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