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The sign over my door says Admissions…


Christine Omolino
Director, Admission and Financial Aid

Long ago when I started at Maxwell, our Senior Associate Dean Robert McClure told me to always remember that the sign over my door says “Admissions”.  At Maxwell, when we read an application for our MPA and MA IR degree programs, we always read it from the perspective of how can we make a case to admit this person.  I think that is why all these years later, I am still happily here representing Maxwell to aspiring public service leaders and practitioners.  As an admission director, I have the wonderful task of promoting these exciting fields to promising young professionals with strong public service ethics and providing them with the support and information they need to be successful in reaching these goals.  Maybe Maxwell will be part of their journey, we always hope so! But the truth is that most of those I meet will not end up at Maxwell.  For these students, my hope remains that we kept them excited about their public service career goals and provided them with the tools they needed to move forward.

Now that being said, Maxwell is a great place to learn, study and grow professionally.  With a nearly 99% retention to graduation rate, we are careful to admit those students who will be successful in our programs and go out and do the exciting work that is so necessary on behalf of communities around the world! And I am confident that our Maxwell alumni are among the most connected and loyal of any school of public policy, administration and international affairs in the world.  I proudly count myself among them (MPA, 1996!).

In this admissions blog, I hope to share information that will be helpful for those considering our programs every step of the way:  from initial exploration of the fields and curriculum, to applying and then to that all important decision of where to attend.

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