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Syracuse’s MA IR program – Allows you to Explore the World

AU- Cairo -A destination for some MA IR students

AU- Cairo -A destination for some MA IR students

Come to Syracuse University’s Maxwell School to Explore Your World in our MA IR Program

At Maxwell, our MA IR students get the best of both worlds – a tight knit community of faculty and students focused on developing skills and depth of knowledge through a Balanced Set of Core Courses while on campus – AND – the ability to take these skills and knowledge Out Into the World through a variety of course and professional internship options.

Most MA IR students, after your initial year on campus, will spend the summer and fall terms away from Syracuse.  There are any number of opportunities available to you …

In the Fall 2015 semester, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Food Security class with Professor Catherine Bertini in Rome, Italy over the Thanksgiving Break.  This course covers a number of timely and relevant issues in food security, drawing upon several guest lecturers in Rome, the headquarters of the UN World Food Programme.  Catherine Bertini was the Director of WFP for 10 years earlier in her career and is an internationally known expert and leader in this field.

MA IR students will also participate in summer internship and learning experiences all over the world.  While there are any number of “pre-arranged” programs that students can opt into, the possibilities are endless given Maxwell’s professional / alumni network of employers worldwide.  Isaac Olsen, our Global Programs Coordinator will work with you individually, developing a plan of study, international exposure, language training and internships to fit your specific needs and interests.

This summer students are already preparing for professional internships in Dakar, Senegal; Bangkok, Thailand; Beijing, China; Geneva, Switzerland; Georgetown, Guyana; Brussels, Belgium; the EU Delegation to the UN in New York City and the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore; among others.  Over the past several years, MA IR students have completed internships and study options in over 50 different countries.  Some of these summer programs include participation in the Critical Language Scholarship program.  This summer two students have accepted CLS programs to further their language skills in Urdu (India) and Arabic (Morocco).  (Global Programs Blog)

And you do not have to give up the opportunity for an immersive Washington, DC experience, by choosing Maxwell’s MA IR program.  The Maxwell-in-Washington program allows students to take courses and fulfill internships in Washington, DC every fall term.  Students in our unique Public Diplomacy dual degree program spend their final spring term in our DC location.  Many students opt to spend both their summer and fall terms in Washington, DC, especially those who join us from around the world for their studies.

The possibilities are really endless. And the best part is that our students get this breadth of international exposure without sacrificing the benefits of a strong – tightly knit community of fellow students that can only be fully realized in a full time residential program – where faculty, staff, students and resources are all 100% fully engaged.

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