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Showing Proof of Finances for Our International Admits

currencyThe Department of Public Administration and International Affairs is committed to recruiting a globally diverse and academically exceptional class of students each year. The rising cost of higher education in the United States continues to prove challenging in this regard. This is especially true for our international students who must show proof of funds for official admission. It is our hope that the following information will make this process easier to negotiate so you may join us for your studies.

Proof of Finances ~ 2017

International applicants admitted to Syracuse University must show proof of adequate financial resources to support tuition and living expenses for their initial year of study.  Acceptable proof for privately sponsored applicants is an original signed letter of support from the sponsor that includes the U.S. dollar amount of support AND certified bank statements indicating funds sufficient to cover at least the student’s first-year expenses. For government-sponsored applicants, acceptable proof is an official or certified copy of the award letter that includes the U.S. dollar amount of the award per year and any special billing instructions. Photocopies are not acceptable. This process is managed by SU’s Enrollment Management Center (EMC).  They will communicate with you directly so you can meet this requirement.

If you have not already shown proof of finances, the University does not consider your admission official and cannot begin processing the I-20 document necessary for the student visa.

If you have shown adequate proof of finances, you are all set.  SU’s EMC will send the electronic-Intent to Register Form (e-ITR) so you may respond to our offer of admission.  SU’s Slutzker Center for International Services will process and mail the I-20 document.  Our PAIA Departmental awards process is merit based, so you will still be considered for department awards, if you indicated this desire on your application.

Department/University Support

Our departmental merit-based awards process will take place in March. Notifications of funding will be emailed the week of March 20 and no later than April 1.  The deadline for accepting an offer of admission is April 15It is to your advantage to prepare and send in your proof of funding documentation upon admission and not wait for our awards process.  Any departmental awards will be automatically deducted from the total proof of funding you are required to show (as below by program of admission).

Proof of Funds Required per Program of Admission 

The expected rate of tuition rate (beginning May 1, 2017) will be $1,500 per credit hour.

MPA = proof of finances $73,302 (current tuition rate)/  $75,582 (May 1, 2017 tuition rate)

MA IR = proof of finances $50,214 (current tuition rate) /  $51,582 (May 1, 2017 tuition rate)

Public Diplomacy = proof of finances $68,130 (current tuition rate) /  $70,182 (May 1, 2017 tuition rate)

Dependent Funding = please add $9,500 for each dependent (spouse or child) you plan to bring along.

Additional Information Resources

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