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Rangel/Pickering Fellowship Programs Expanded – Alumni Panel (Jan 14th) will highlight the benefits of study at Maxwell for Fellows & Finalists

I have been honored to serve on the Charles B. Rangel (2012, 2013, 2014) and the Thomas R. Pickering (2018, 2019, 2020) International Affairs Graduate Fellowship selections committees over the course of my career.  Earlier this year, the success of these critical programs was recognized. Each program was expanded by 30% to support 45 Fellows each year for a total of 90 Fellows annually. The financial support was also increased for all Fellows, This significant expansion of the Rangel and Pickering programs is a strong testament to the successful and enduring impacts of these programs at recruiting and supporting highly qualified and diverse cohorts of foreign service officers.

The Maxwell School has been a loyal partner of both programs for over 20 years and our programs continue to be the destination for high performing scholars in the field of international relations.  As these Fellowship programs expanded, it provided Maxwell the perfect opportunity to re-examine our own financial support of Fellows. Below is a summary of Maxwell’s financial support for all Fellows. This restructuring makes our funding consistent across all three MA programs and no longer requires a campus based work requirement for the Fellows. 

Maxwell is so deeply committed to the missions of these programs that the PAIA Department provides the same matching funding to Finalists as we do Fellows!! Including application fee waivers for all finalists and fellows.

FUNDING: The Rangel and Pickering Programs provide two years of tuition (up to $24,000 each year ) and living assistance (up to $18,000 per year ) support for a total of up to $42,000 each year for each fellow. The Maxwell School Matching funding provides 6 credits of tuition for each semester of enrollment, which allows the Fellows to earn the two year MPA/MA IR dual degree, the 16 month MA IR degree or the 18 month MA Public Diplomacy & Global Communications degree with NO out of pocket expenses . For Finalists, this is a substantial and guaranteed 60%+ tuition discount.

Not only that, but Rangel & Pickering Fellows also benefit from the strongly supportive co-hort based residential programs that all Maxwell PAIA grad students appreciate each year! Similar to being part of their Fellowship co-horts, our former Rangel and Pickering Fellows find the strong connections they are able to make and maintain with their fellow Maxwell PAIA grad students to be instrumental in their academic and professional success. Being able to immerse in their studies, with fellow students and faculty, away from all the distractions of a larger city provides a wonderful foundation for their academic endeavors.

These are high quality fellowship programs and the Maxwell School is pleased to be a strong and loyal partner in their shared mission of Excellence and Diversity in the US Foreign Service. Please join us (details below) THURSDAY, January 14th for an Alumni Panel featuring Maxwell Rangel / Pickering alumni and hear about their academic and professional pathways and foreign service careers!

I arrived July of 2019 and I can already see how devoted and talented the professors are within Maxwell. They are truly invested in my/ my cohort’s success and go above and beyond in terms of connecting us to practitioners in our fields of interest. The advising staff is phenomenal as well and are so well versed in a spread of interests.

~ Zerlina Bartholomew, 2nd yr IR/MPA student and Rangel Fellow (quote from last year)

Info Session/Alumni Conversation: For Charles B. RANGEL & 
Thomas R. PICKERING International Affairs Fellows and Finalists
Thursday, January 14

12 Noon – 1:00 pm (US Eastern) 
Join our admissions director and program alumni to learn of the supports, 
both academic and financial, that Maxwell’s PAIA department provides for 
Rangel/Pickering Fellows enrolled in our masters programs.  
Register Here  (for Rangel and Pickering Fellows/Finalists only) 


The Charles B. Rangel and Thomas R. Pickering International Affairs Graduate Fellowship Programs promote Excellence and Diversity in the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State.  Both programs provide two years of financial support toward graduate study, related internships with the Department of State in the US and at an Embassy abroad, as well as mentorship to increase each Fellow’s likelihood of success both upon entering and maintaining their career as a US Foreign Service Officer.   

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