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Maxwell on the Road – Fall 2015 Recruiting Events

Maxwell on the Road - Meet up with us in your town!

Maxwell on the Road – Meet up with us in your town!

Each year our department participates in a number of activities – graduate fairs, virtual fairs, information sessions, admissions panels and forums to not only promote graduate study in these amazing fields of public policy, administration and international affairs, but to also give prospective students the information they need to be strong candidates for admission and well prepared to enter our programs.

See Maxwell on the Road for a complete list of events scheduled as of today – we are adding more as we are able!

APSIA – the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs has a robust calendar of Admissions Forums and events each year.  As an APSIA school, we will participate in all domestic events sponsored. also holds a number of Graduate Degrees for the Public Good Fairs throughout the US each year.  At these events, you will be able to meet me or another university, alumni representative at events held from California to Ohio!

The PAIA Department of Maxwell is also a member of the Diversity Alliance of Public Policy Schools which focuses on recruitment of students of color and other underrepresented groups into our schools.  This group has developed long term partnerships with a variety of organizations and these events are also noted.. as are many others we include each year to reach as diverse and broad an audience as possible.

This year we hope to meet you “On the Road”! Share this link broadly with anyone you know who might be interested in graduate study and a career where you can create impact and change for the betterment of society, both within the US and around the world !

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