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Maxwell faculty featured in The Hill and Governance this past week..

Sabina Schnell, PAIA faculty member

Schnell Published in Governance

Cheap talk or incredible commitment? (Mis)calculating transparency and anti-corruption,” written by Sabina Schnell, assistant professor of public administration and international affairs, explores why “tainted” politicians in high-corruption countries adopt transparency and anti-corruption policies that risk exposing their wrongdoing. The article was published in Governance07/20/17

Sabina, who joined Maxwell’s Department of Public Administration and International Affairs in 2014, teaches the core MA IR courses, Research Design for the IR Practitioner and International Management and Leadership.  She also teaches Public Administration, Good Governance and Development and International Development Policy & Administration.   Her research specialties include:  Transparency, anti-corruption, good governance, comparative public administration, public sector reform in developing countries, and development policy and administration.

Grant Reeher, Director Campbell Public Affairs Institute

Reeher Quoted in The Hill 

Grant Reeher, the Director for the Alan K. Campbell Public Affairs Institute and faculty member in Political Science was quoted in The Hill article, “The Memo: Trump tries to bend Congress to his will.” “I don’t think this looks all that unusual,” says Reeher. “Presidents often have trouble getting things, even with [majorities for] their own party.” 07/20/17

Grant’s research interests include democratic processes and the dynamics of representation, social justice, health care politics and policy; and legislative behavior.

As Director of the Campbell Institute, Reeher hosts the “Campbell Conversations” an award-winning weekly public affairs radio program airing on Central New York’s largest NPR-affiliate.  Several MPA and MA IR students serve as Graduate Assistants, on a variety of projects, within the Campbell Institute each year.

LINK: Alan K. Campbell Public Affairs Institute 

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