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Maxwell Alumni – A Professional Network for Life

Maxwell Alumni

Maxwell Alumni

When you chose Maxwell – you are not only choosing a school – you are choosing to be part of a world-wide and exceedingly loyal & influential professional network.  Maxwell alumni are the most loyal and connected to their school of all those in the public policy world.  They hold leadership positions in the organizations you may aspire to as a future public service professional.

As an admissions director (and an alum, MPA 1996) I see the full power of their loyalty, not only to one another, but also to the school and other graduates on a daily basis.  They send job postings, come back to speak on campus, refer students to the program, as well as assist our current students in their career development. As a network they rely on one another for the benefit of their own professional development and even advancement.

When you choose Maxwell, you are choosing to be part of a network that includes over 11, 000 graduate and 17,000 undergraduate alumni in 148 different countries.  Because they are all over, our Maxwell Alumni office has created 17 “Sector Connect” Maxwell alumni on-line communities. This allows our alumni to connect with fellow professionals across a number of areas of professional interest.  The proof of the network is in the many stories we hear, almost daily, of new graduates and alumni advancing in their careers, not only because of the skills they learned at Maxwell, but also due to the assistance from our faculty and alumni base.


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