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International Students and Proof of Finances


International Students and Proof of Finances

Many of our international students have questions about their official admission status and when they need to provide proof of funding to support their students. I’d love to share a bit about this process today.

SU cannot officially admit an international student until they show proof of finances for their first year of study.  SU International Graduate Student Funding Requirements   Only once a student is officially admitted, can SU send the I-20 documents for the Visa appointment for travel to the US.  Many international students supply this proof of funding at time of application.  The ability to fund – or not be able to fund – your studies is not considered in our admissions review process.

All admitted international students should send in official bank statements showing this proof of funding (or as much of it as they are able to commit to supporting their studies) as soon as possible to avoid delays in the official admission process.

Maxwell’s PAIA department will be making financial award decisions in March. Once we have made award decisions, students will be notified if they are receiving university support and the full amount of this support.  This can be added to the personal support already provided (as above). This may be what allows an admission to be made official  – and then the I-20 can be mailed.  Having documentation in as soon as possible helps in moving this process forward in a timely manner! This is especially important for our MPA admits who start their studies on June 30th this year.

At Maxwell, we do all we can to support all of our admitted students – domestic and international. Our costs are considerably more bearable that other top ranked programs in our fields:  2014 – 2015 Comparison of Costs – making Maxwell an even more desirable place to complete your studies- as if the quality of the programs, faculty and strength of the Maxwell network were not enough!


  1. Dear Christine:

    Where can I found information related to student loans for international students? I’ve seen federal loans for american citizens and residents, but many of Maxwell students are from abroad, so I guess this is not an uncommon concern. Many universities give this information of private loans available to cover the cost of living expenses with a cosigner that lives in the U.S. or resides there.



  2. Hello Kyra,
    I just posted some new information on Financial Awards with some helpful links at the bottom. Here are a couple that may be helpful to you.
    SU Office of Financial Aid – International Students
    Cynthia Roach – SU’s Graduate Financial Aid Coordinator:
    Loans for International Students – EduPASS
    Loans for International Students with a US Cosigner

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