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What we look for in applicants to our programs.

Prospective applicants to the program usually always ask me “What are you looking for in an applicant to your program?”  The answer is actually pretty easy. Most generally, we are looking for a wonderfully diverse mix of applicants who have:

  • An understanding of the professional nature of the field

    Maxwell grads on stairs

    Maxwell Graduates

  • Clearly defined career goals aligned with our programs mission
  • The academic ability to handle demanding graduate level coursework
  • Specifically, our program will look for an indication of quantitative skills (math, economics, and statistics, etc)
  • Additional academic exposure to the social sciences can be helpful
  • A passion/motivation for a career in the public service
  • The potential to be public service leaders!

Exposure to the field and related experiences is exceptionally helpful to you as you embark on your studies at the graduate level.  While we do not require post undergraduate work experience, the vast majority of our entering students will have had 2 or more years of post undergraduate work experience prior to entering. Those without this experience will have had significant internships & volunteerism in the field prior to application.

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