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Application Tip – Personal Statement

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation - Admissions Information Session, Fall 2013

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation – Admissions Information Session, Fall 2013

As I travel and meet with prospective students for Maxwell’s MPA and MA IR programs, the application question I am most asked is:

How specific do I need to be about my career goals in my personal statement? 

An understanding of the field and a commitment to the career paths that are opened by these degrees is the most important aspect we look for in any applicant to Maxwell’s MPA and MA IR programs.  You do not need to know exactly that you want to be an Energy Consultant for the UN Environment Programme (actual position held by MPA/MA IR 2009 alum) but you do need to know where you want your career to have an impact, what policy and/or regional focus is important to you and where you want to make a difference.

Be it education policy, finance, health care, development, national security or non-profit management – the career paths available to Maxwell graduates are varied and exciting!  You may find a resource provided by Maxwell’s Career Development Office helpful as you continue your research and application process.  Maxwell Career Field Guides

These Career Field Guides, just one of several resources provided by our dedicated Career Development Office, are your link to the top fields and professions entered into by our graduates.  Nearly 50 guides provide an extensive overview of career opportunities, career paths & entry salaries, qualifications, sample employers, demand and future challenges of the profession and additional resources for more information.  They cover specific fields of interest as diverse as national security to public health, to corporate responsibility.

As you move forward with your consideration of graduate study and a career in the fields of public policy, administration and international affairs, we hope you continue to explore the Maxwell School for your next steps.  Students in our MPA and MA IR degree programs are encouraged to challenge themselves into new areas, build on their strengths and yet lead to their weaknesses.  The Maxwell School provides a wonderfully supportive environment to help our students meet these new challenges so that they are best prepared for tackling wicked problems facing our local, national and global communities.  The resources of are Career Development Office are just one example of the support you will receive should you select Maxwell for your graduate study!

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