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Application Tips – Personal Statement (length)

SU Graduates

SU Graduates

This time of year, we see a number of last minute application questions. I thought I would review a few of them here…

Personal Statement: Our personal statement instructions are clear as to the questions to be addressed. We’d like for you to actually address these questions.  I know that sounds practical enough – but you would be surprised as to how many applicants still do not do so.

Length of Personal Statement:  We are somewhat flexible in how we state the length of the personal statement.  Ideally, the personal statement will be two pages, double spaced, which will run around 500 words.  A single page, single spaced statement works, too. But two pages single spaced is really not following the intent of the directions. Also, remember, we are reading a lot of applications, so please use a reasonable sized font (not less than 10pt).

I’m not sure why we are getting so many questions about the length of our personal statement this year – but hopefully this is helpful to all of you deadline motivated people just getting all in!



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