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Alumni Profile: Jason Liou – from San Francisco to Singapore

Jason Liou, MA IR/MA Econ, 2007

Jason Liou, MA IR/MA Econ, 2007

Jason Liou earned his dual MA International Relations/MA Economics degree from SU’s Maxwell School in 2007.  He has parlayed this experience into a global career that now has him working in Singapore. Jason is an analyst/consultant for Ernst & Young, Singapore.  His studies focused on International Economics, Finance and Trade. During his time of study, Jason served as a Summer Analyst with The Economist Intelligence Unit in London.

Jason, what skills and opportunities did your graduate studies at Maxwell provide?

My degrees helped me develop skills to critically evaluate social, political, and economic trends from a global view.  Attending Maxwell also provided me many opportunities to network within the Schools stellar network of accomplished alumni – both domestically and abroad.  Access to that network has been one of the highlights of my connection to the school.  

What advice would you give a prospective student interested in a career in the international arena? 

I highly recommend that students find a graduate program that allows for abroad internships and study.  These opportunities will be critical for their development, will open up new paths, help expand their connections and provide them with valuable, on-the-ground insights in their field of interest.

Prospective and current students should also make the most of networking tools such as Linked-In, which not only provide a window into the career paths of others who have ventured abroad, but also serve as a platform for students and young professionals to share their own views or expertise on international-related topics. 

Jason is originally from San Francisco, CA where he completed his BA degree with a major in Statistics from UC  Berkeley. He also completed a year of Intensive Mandarin Studies at the National Taiwan Normal University from 2000-2001. Immediately prior to his studies at the Maxwell School, Jason was serving as an Emerging Markets Policy Intern with the Institute for International Finance (IIF) in Washington, DC, after several years experience in the accounting/actuarial field.

Jason’s current professional/personal interests include:  venture capital, emerging and frontier markets, entrepreneurship and economic development, relationship building, Asia, smart cities and urban design, travel, architecture, learning new languages, diversity and inclusiveness.

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