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Alumni Coffee Chats!

Alumni Coffee Chats Around the World

Alumni Coffee Chats Around the World

Each Spring I send one simple email to our alumni … and am always amazed at the result of this one email!

We ask our alumni if they would be willing to have coffee with an admitted MPA or MA IR student. They just need to select their favorite coffee house, or bistro; name a time and date; we publish these to our website and invite our admitted students to RSVP to them directly.

WOW – our alumni are the best! So far this year we have over 100 scheduled Alumni Coffee Chats throughout the US and the world (27 different countries and counting!). Just imagine, if our alumni are this invested in talking with admitted students, consider all the help you will receive from this world wide network as a current student or alumni yourself!

And the alumni love meeting with our admitted students for coffee! Below is a Tweet from one of our alums.

So, thank you to all our alumni ! And as for our prospective/admitted students – this is just another example of the strength of our Maxwell community – and how it extends well beyond your time of study here!

Nichole – thank you – someone forwarded me your tweet and it made me smile!

Nichole Allem @UtterDiplomacy


Absolutely LOVE meeting with potential @suPD @newhousemasters @MaxwellSU students. Spreading the #publicdiplomacy love, one coffee at a time


03:42 PM – 06 Mar 14


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