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Women in American Politics – Watch Livestream TODAY

Dr. Kristi Anderson will moderate today's dicussion

Dr. Kristi Andersen will moderate today’s discussion.

Women in American Politics: 100 Years After Suffrage   

One of my favorite lecture series at the Maxwell School is the State of Democracy Lecture Series. It has been around as long as I have – probably longer. Today we have a very timely and engaging topic.

Watch LiveStream 4:00 – 5:30 PM Eastern Time: 
From YouTube
(this link will be active at 4 pm)

You can also access the LiveStream link direct from the State of Democracy Lecture Series Website

Pamela Hunter, New York State Assemblywoman, 128th District

“On July 19, 1848, 300 women (and 42 men, including abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass) packed into the Weslyean Chapel in Seneca Falls, NY to signal to the entire world the birth of the Women’s rights movement.” (LINK

Susan Carroll, Professor of Political Science and Senior Scholar
at Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics

One hundred years after winning the right to vote, what are the current opportunities and challenge
for women pursuing elected office?  What are the roles they play as voters and as leaders of social movements?  And what can we expect from the 2020 presidential election cycle, which includes a record number of women candidates?  This State of Democracy event features a panel discussion among leading scholars and regional political leaders: Susan Carroll, Professor of Political Science and Senior Scholar at Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics; Joanie Mahoney, Chief Operating Officer at SUNY-ESF and former Onondaga County Executive; and New York State Assemblywoman Pam Hunter.  Moderating and participating in the panel will be Kristi Andersen, Chapple Family Professor of Citizenship and Democracy Emeritus at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School, Cazenovia Town Councilor, and a regular panelist on WCNY’s Ivory Tower.

Joanie Mahoney, Chief Operating Officer at SUNY-ESF and former Onondaga County Executive

The Campbell Public Affairs Institute, named for Alan K. “Scotty” Campbell, was founded in 1996. The Institute’s mission is centered on citizenship, public leadership, and governance. The Institute explores the relationships among leaders, citizens, private organizations, and governments in an effort to understand the development and implementation of effective management and policy, and encourages civic involvement. Over the years, the Institute’s projects and initiatives have included the Pew-funded Government Performance Project, dedicated to finding practical solutions to the problems of government; CNYSpeaks, an effort to broaden and deepen public deliberation and community participation in local affairs; published monographs on federalism, information sharing and homeland security, and government transparency; the Campbell Conversations, an award-winning weekly public affairs radio program airing on Central New York’s largest NPR-affiliate; the Campbell Debates, a public Oxford-style debate series on public policy issues at the national, state, and local levels; and numerous lecture series of interest to the University and the regional community.


Campbell News

Suffragists and Women’s Rights in New York State – home to the Women’s Rights Movement

Seneca Falls Convention

Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation – Women’s Rights Room

The State of Democracy Lecture Series
The State of Democracy Lecture Series provides a forum for meaningful discussions of significant public issues – both current and more enduring – which cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. These discussions enable explorations of real-world challenges and foster continued discussion and debate.

This lecture is made possible by a generous gift from the Norman M. and Marsha Lee Berkman Fund

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