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Moving Forward: A Teach-In

Radical Bureaucrats: Pursuing Progressive Policy Under a Trump Administration

Radical Bureaucrats: Pursuing Progressive Policy Under a Trump Administration

So proud to see our students organizing!  Whether you agree politically or not, the thing is  – they are taking a stand, proactively and not just complaining!  So, glad to see a near SRO crowd in Maxwell Auditorium on a Friday Afternoon!  With a full agenda and collaborative effort across faculty, staff, students and the broader SU and Syracuse Community.  This is not an apathetic generation that is going to sit back and just allow policy to happen without their voices being heard. So, today they ask….

How can we continue to pursue progressive policy during the Trump administration?

February 10th in the Maxwell School Auditorium at Syracuse University!

This is the first of a series of teach-ins to address policy changes and issues affected by the Trump-Pence-Ryan agenda. Teach-in facilitators will also be presenting strategies and actions for individuals to take in order to effect change on both a local and national level.

Topics and speakers include:

Allies to Native People: Indigenous Rights and Our Responsibilities, Jack Manno
BLM Organizing in Syracuse, Herve Comeau
Building a Multicultural Working Class Movement, Howard Botwinick
Environmentalism Under the Trump Administration, Andrea Feldpausch-Parker
Equity and Civil Rights in Education, Kal Alston
How to Frame Your Message & Effectively Communicate, Catherine Gerard
The Fight for LGBT Equality Continues, Rigo Melgar-Melgar
Immigration Under Trump, Gladys McCormick & Jamie Winders
Intersectionality is for Everyone, Simone Puff
Mitigating Climate Change, Peter Wilcoxen
National Security & US Alliances, Renee de Nevers
Populism, White Nationalism, and Trump, Mark Rupert
Reproductive Rights Under Attack, Betty DeFazio
Socialist Organization in the Age of Trump, Brandon Daniels
The Indivisible Movement, Locally and Nationally, Thomas Keck
What Now? Implications of Repealing the ACA, Cynthia Morrow

This event is free and open to the public. We understand that not every important policy issue is being addressed at this teach-in, which is why the Radical Bureaucrats is committed to facilitating multiple events at Syracuse University, as well as in the community. 

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