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Happy Holidays from the Maxwell School, Syracuse University

Christine Omolino, with the Maxwell Lincoln Statue in the Maxwell Eggers Courtyard, Dec 2016

Happy Holidays! Christine Omolino, with the Maxwell Lincoln Statue, Maxwell/Eggers Courtyard, Dec 2016

The Statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Maxwell/Eggers Courtyard has been a fixture on campus since its installation in 1968. Since that time, countless students and graduates of the Maxwell School – from all degree programs – have fond memories of Maxwell that include our very own “Abe Lincoln”.

Even as The Maxwell School innovates, changes and grows with the times, there is still a connection to the past – to tradition – and to the enduring  principles that define the school:  “citizenship”  “good governance”, “democracy”, “equality” and “diversity”.  All have and will hopefully continue to stand the test of time, as does our very own Lincoln.  It is in this enduring spirit of tradition and connection that I extend our well wishes to you and your loved ones for the happiest of holiday seasons, and peace and joy in the year ahead. We appreciate your connection and interest in our school and programs.  We hope you all find your way to successful careers in public and international service – and perhaps may even pass through our doors and spend a little time with our very own Lincoln on that journey.

Syracuse University will be closed for the holidays from December 22 – January 2.  We will return in the new year, rested, relaxed and with renewed spirit. We will be ready and excited to assist you with your graduate study goals.  Happy Holidays on behalf of the entire staff and faculty of Department of Public Administration and International Affairs, of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University!

(on behalf of our entire team – Janis, Karen, Heather, Anastasia, Josh, Isaac, Bob and Catherine)

Read More: You may enjoy reading more on the history of our Maxwell’s own Abe Lincoln on the SU Campus. Please enjoy this story by our publications manager, Mr. Dana Cooke: A Different Lincoln  (originally published in the Maxwell Perspective quarterly magazine).

Iconic Lincoln Statue on Campus Gets an Upgrade, from SU News, July 2016.
Abraham Lincoln has watched over the Maxwell School courtyard for nearly half a century. To ensure permanence for this iconic bronze statue’s resting place, the base is getting an upgrade with long-lasting natural stone. Enjoy this time lapse Video of the project.

Excerpt from A Different Lincoln….

Dominic Iacono, current director of the SU Art Collection, says the decision to place Lincoln in front of Maxwell was almost certainly made by Chancellor Tolley — according to a story transmitted to Iacono by the then-dean of the School of Art. Tolley, who had an affinity for citizenship studies, also insisted Lincoln face outward, toward the community.  (Others, including Maxwell Dean Stephen Bailey, would have turned it 90 degrees so that Maxwell Hall served as Lincoln’s backdrop.) A memo by Martin Bush, now in Syracuse University’s archives, claims the spot was suggested by University Vice President of Student Affairs Frank Piskor, an art enthusiast. Virginia Denton, who was early in her 40-year career on SU’s design and construction staff then, and who played a primary role in preparing the site, is unsure who first had the idea, “but there was no issue about where it should go.”


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